Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue is operated under our UK Charity Share Tanzania, we have a dedicated section for the rescue on the website also at http://www.sharetanzania.co.uk. 

Make sure you chose Animal Rescue on the donation form this takes you too! 🙂

Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue is one of only two rescue shelters operating in the whole of Tanzania.
The rescue began its life by accident in a way. Our founder John directs an NGO dealing with education, housing, medical care and nutrition for children in the rural Moshi area. With in that NGO is a children’s fund with 133 children in it, and at the core of that fund is a building that is currently used as a children’s home. The children’s home has 1 acre of land surrounding it, and slowly but surely John began to take in dogs that were suffering in the area, and allowing them to live on the land. Once it got to 12 dogs the food and vet bills were creeping up, and the funding not there to cover them.
So the Kilimanjaro Animal Rescue was born, with the arrival of 5 new born puppies who were to be put to sleep, without some intervention.
At present we house 18 dogs of varying ages and ailments! This number is slowly creeping up with it! For all we have managed to rehome many dogs in the last 9 month, finding suitable homes here is not an easy task.
Dogs are viewed in the most part as security here, or sadly a pest. So much so the government will shoot healthy dogs on the street if they are becoming a nuisance, so long as the residents pay for the bullet. Using the excuse of rabies prevention whilst doing so.
This has given birth to the horrific practice of hanging dogs to euthanize them, in a country where people suffer, the domestic animals suffer even more so…..

As  well as working to educate the people of Tanzania on the importance of animal welfare, we also work to provide a loving and safe home for the countless stray dogs here in Tanzania. Dogs that sadly suffer more than most on this planet…

Kilimanjaro is supported by “Maendeleo Trust” a UK registered charity 1140669/ and operates in Tanzania under our registered NGO “Village to Village.” 


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