About the rescue..

Before I began the rescue shelter, i was living and working as a full time volunteer aid worker here in Uchira in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
The focus of my work was around providing education, housing, nutrition and medical care for vulnerable children living in and around the community where i now live, called Uchira.
We support 133 children here to date, and have a children’s home in the village also. On the land of that childrens home, and headquarters of the children’s fund there was 1 acre spare.

Being a life long lover of dogs, i began to take in the strays that were starving or sick around us. After some time I had taken in so many we were struggling to feed all of our new residents! Then a call was made to me telling me that 5 puppies were to be killed if no one took them in! I took those pups in that week, and 3 months later had managed to find homes for them all with loving families here in Tanzania!
Thus the animal rescue was born, and we have helped a great many pups since then.

Some were starved, abused and suffering from medical problems like mange. Others had been hit by cars, and needed operations! Some of our worst cases involved dogs being beaten half to death, or hung from trees to euthanize them… all of which survived and have either found loving homes, or live here at the rescue shelter still 🙂

I am still a full time volunteer here, and with a HIV child in my care both myself and all the work I do with the children and animals is here to stay, and I hope and pray expand to help even more children and pups alike! 🙂



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