Some of the success stories!


Houdini was found after being hit by a car. He was on deaths door the day I bundled him into my car and brought him back to the rescue shelter…
He was starving and his back leg was broken beyond repair from the collision. Houdini is now fattened up, and for all missing a leg, is now healthy and living with an American family here in Tanzania! 🙂

10423789_701056626634266_1778880400225733606_n  10584073_701057926634136_6189662734157372488_n 10599194_747441951969198_7188614648241985120_n 10647008_757059854340741_4331985976635446765_n



I found Oliver in some waist land near a hospital. Thankfully and english lady had seen him and gave me a call. It took a full day to catch the terrified Oliver that day! Sadly he had been the victim of back alley euthanasia, and someone had hung him by the neck from a tree. Oliver however managed to escape, but not before the rope had gone so deep into his neck it severed his wind pipe. I thought that day Oliver would not make it, but he did… he still has emotional scars from his traumatic ordeal, but he now lives happily and safely here with us at the shelter, and will do until he is gray and old 🙂

Below is when i first found Oliver…              Below is the unbelievable site that were the                                                                                      1000’s of maggots that had infested                                                                                                    Olivers wound..

Untitled ollie57

Below is the extend of Olivers wound once cleaned…





Happy healthy Oliver 🙂

DSCF4004 DSCF4001


One day Assisi, name after Saint Francis, just appeared behind me. She then began to follow me, so naturally i took her in… Assisi was close to death that day, she was severely malnourished, and had bad an infestation of ticks, fleas, mange and worms like you would not believe! Assisi is now my dog actually, but we live with all the others here at the shelter!

10390335_10152982129406632_1978074548293008418_n 10245521_10152814700251632_3037691961983168582_n 10382836_679341198805809_5830654300700425514_n 10488067_679341135472482_3714668290672597240_n 10524346_685016054904990_6223184265164949235_n 10488018_685015604905035_896537409335257640_n

Mama and her 4 pups!

Mama and her 4 pups, Sinbad, Tequila, Lizzy and Peppa were sadly about to be hung as Oliver was when i went on this rescue! Mama was a mess, very malnourished and her pups just a week or 2 old… I met the man who was supposed to carry out the hanging on this occasion, and he no longer partakes in anything to do with euthanasia of dogs. Mama now lives here at the shelter. Peppa lives with a family who love her dearly, Sinbad is leaving us soon to go to a new home, and Tequila and Lizzy will be also! A success story! Mama who is very old now, will live out her days in comfort with us here at the shelter we suspect 🙂

10653346_717749204965008_4818882591953618394_n 10606139_717764204963508_4810170637627847485_n 10632806_720070458066216_6628773632022078696_n 10420221_717829571623638_9207893556543501091_n 10616450_731164486956813_1533003652144689445_n 10712720_731164503623478_5389180872656080679_n 10450262_771215796285015_258385262162020065_o



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